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"Beautiful & unique, designed & hand crafted in Derbyshire England""

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Hi my name is Anne and I started Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses in October 2010 when I realised I could turn my dress making skills and design ideas into a small business online. My husband created the first website which went live on 2nd December 2010.


My limited edition handmade dresses for girls aged 2 to 8 are unique and well made. I have been dressmaking since I was 13, taught by my mother, and have made clothes for family and friends ever since.


Now my two sons have grown up and left home I want to use my creativity to produce garments that others will love and enjoy wearing. I love sourcing unusual fabrics and as Franklin D Roosevelt said " happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort". Why not also have a look at my Blog to keep up todate with my latest designs and dresses/accessories added to the website.


I have met lots of people through the various social media outlets and exchanged design ideas and craft pictures. As a small business where you are often working alone for long periods it really makes you feel part of a wider "craft" community and you can always bounce ideas off friends and get constructive feedback. 


I have won various awards for my dresses but probably the one I am most proud of is winning Theo Paphitis's "SBS" (small business sunday) , from BBC's Dragons Den.He is a business entrepreneur and a huge supporter of small businesses. He has set up a website of the Small Business Sunday winners, so you can see me there along with other winners.


I have a shop on facebook if you would like to use that to buy one there if you find that suits you better! All my dresses are listed on Fashiolista . My website has been seen in over 136 countries so I can say we are truly global. You can now see all my dresses in 360 degree spin view and magnify on a plane you wish to examine further.



Dress combination idea  Sophie dress with

Faux Fur jacket

Dress & Jacket combo age 4

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